What is TSOM TV?

Monthly online live episodes that explain the underlying cause of common health issues and what YOU can do about it!

  • Want a different perspective on your health?

  • Do you feel like you're health is out of control?

  • Have you been diagnosed with a Chronic illness?

  • All of your tests come back normal, but you don't feel like yourself?

Monthly Topics

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  • Jan- Root cause of chronic disease

  • Feb- PCOS/ Endometriosis and what every women should know

  • March- Chronic Fatigue

  • April- Autoimmunity

  • May- Thyroid

  • June- Infertility

  • July- Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • August- Anxiety

  • September- Eczema

  • And more: Cholesterol, Sleep, Headaches etc...

Plus Bonus Material

Additional content to cement change in your life.

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    As part of the TSOM TV subscription, you get exclusive access to product discounts. Giving you even more value for money.

  • Checklists

    Lots of this information will be new to you, so we've taken the stress out of knowing how to implement it, with morning checklists you can integrate into your daily routine.

  • Surprises

    We will be releasing surprises! From guides on how to explain this information to your loved ones. To what questions you should be asking your doctor. Don't worry we understand both sides of the story and we've got your back!

About the expert

  • Dr. Anthea Todd

    Doctor of Chiropractic. Founder & CEO of the State Of Me, SD Protocol Practitioner Trainer.

    Dr. Anthea Todd

    Anthea is a passionate Chiropractor and solution seeker of big problems. Her knowledge of Physiology, anatomy, neurology and nutrition has enabled her to work with some of the best people in their field, in order to put this program together for you. One of the most disappointing things to see in practice are people who get thrown from one quick fix, to the other, taking tests after tests only to find that there isn't anything 'wrong' with them. Anthea has combined her passion for helping people with her love of how the body works, to provide a platform that helps people get back in control of their own health. Re-educating you about your health, helping you take responsibility for your health so can get your power back and live life on your terms. With Chronic illness on the rise and healthcare funding rising too, we're clearly barking up the wrong tree. Through working along side her father and the SD Protocol training healthcare professionals, the State Of Me was born. With the aim of changing the face of healthcare, Anthea wants to help you achieve your dream health, so you can go out into the world and achieve your dreams.

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